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Steph Schuldt: Coastal Living & Fearless Freediving

In the shimmering depths of coastal waters, amidst the waves that echo tales of daring and wonder, Steph Schuldt plunges into the heart of adventure. Her story is not just a mere exploration; it’s a fusion of coastal living with a spirited cowgirl essence that defines the new era of mermaids.

Steph Schuldt embodies the spirit of the modern mermaid, blending her love for coastal living with a fearless pursuit of marine encounters. Her recent escapade, diving up close and personal with sharks, epitomizes her fearless spirit and deep connection to the ocean.

In Steph’s journey, each dive unveils a treasure trove of experiences. With a cowgirl’s determination and a mermaid’s grace, she navigates the azure waters, weaving through the underwater realms where sharks glide majestically. Her encounters are not just fleeting moments but profound connections with nature, reflecting her passion for marine conservation and coastal harmony.

Steph Schuldt: Embracing the Ocean’s Mystique

“The best mornings are the mornings you wake up knowing you’ll be spending the day in the ocean.”

Steph Schuldt lives and breathes this mantra. A true coastal cowgirl, she spends her days freediving alongside sharks, turning her ocean dreams into daily reality.

Meet Steph Schuldt: Our Saltsy Sea Star

Hailing from Florida, Steph is not just a master freedive instructor and a 100 Ton Captain, but also a spearfishing aficionado with seven IUSA records under her belt. Beyond her accolades, she’s a model, a proud dog mom, and a passionate ocean conservationist. You might recognize her from Child of the Cenote, a captivating short film by André Musgrove, where she explores the underwater caves of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

When she’s not setting records or gracing photo shoots, this multifaceted sea-lover sails her 46′ catamaran, Sail La Vie, documenting her aquatic journey on @freediversteph and @saillavie_.

Freediving with Sharks: Embracing the Majesty

Steph’s Instagram feed lights up with breathtaking encounters with sea creatures, particularly sharks. Here are some of her awe-inspiring moments:

For Steph, sharks embody beauty and majesty. She dedicates herself to sharing this passion, especially through teaching others to conquer their fears of these apex predators.

People protect things they love. They love things they have had meaningful experiences with. My goal is to help people have these experiences so they learn to love our oceans and marine life and in return want to protect them.

– Steph Schuldt, Instagram

Shark Tooth Treasures: A Coastal Cowgirl Adventure

A Coastal Cowgirl Adventure
photo credit: @freediversteph

Although the Saltsy crew hasn’t had a chance to float alongside Steph and her predator pals, we do like to appreciate them in other ways, like searching for shark teeth.

A skilled freediver like Steph has easy access to these neat relics. However, even if you’re not a pro with your breath hold, with a little bit of research and time you can learn how to scour the surf for centuries of fossilized shark’s teeth. Plus, this hobby is an excellent gateway to learning more about sharks and their lasting value to our oceans.

Teaching and Transforming: The Impact of Steph’s Passion

Also of lasting value is Steph’s growing community of students whose relationships with the ocean are blossoming thanks to her guidance. In an interview with Gainful, she speaks more to her passion for teaching people to find connections with the sea:

Now my accomplishments are not so much about depth or time, but more about seeing my students have breakthrough moments. Like when they overcome a fear and in a matter of two or three days they’re hanging out at 50 or 60 feet, interacting with sharks and dolphins and their life is changed.

– Steph Schuldt, Gainful

Dive Deeper into Steph’s Adventures

Want to see more about how Steph is changing lives and making waves in women’s ocean adventures? Then be sure to follow @freediversteph and @saillavie_ for fantastic underwater photography, great seafood pics, and a heavy dose of shark inspiration!

Join Steph Schuldt on her breathtaking coastal adventures and discover the beauty of ocean conservation and freediving with sharks!

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