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About Saltsy Studio


where coastal charm meets cowgirl spirit. Our journey is inspired by fearless and adventurous women, the beauty of reef & ranch destinations, and the unique design aesthetics we call “Coastal Western.” This style combines a mixture of decor ideas related to boho, coastal, farmhouse, rustic, and western decor trends.

Our Mission

At Saltsy Studio, our mission is to inspire women to discover how to level up their homes with coastal cowgirl aesthetic decor. We believe in the beauty of merging seaside serenity with rustic Western charm to create something truly unique and stylish. Our commitment is to help you blend these elements seamlessly into your home and lifestyle.

Our Inspiration

Our brand draws inspiration from stunning Reef and Ranch destinations. We seek to inspire women to be more adventurous, whether it’s through travel, exploring new destinations, or embracing the adventurous spirit showcased in our Cowgirls & Mermaids category, where we feature extraordinary women living boldly.


Our team is a group of dedicated and passionate individuals who share a love for coastal cowgirl aesthetics. Each member brings a unique perspective and talent, contributing to the vibrant and diverse community that Saltsy Studio fosters. Here, we believe in authenticity, and while we don’t use full last names or staged photos, we let our work and dedication speak for us.

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What We Offer

Saltsy Studio offers a range of products and content designed to inspire and delight:

 From porch pillows to wall art, our home decor line is infused with coastal cowgirl charm.

Explore our collection of themed planners, notebooks, and other lifestyle products.

Find inspiration and ideas to help you create beautiful, unique spaces in your home.

Discover delicious recipes and entertaining ideas.

Get travel inspiration and explore new destinations.

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At Saltsy Studio, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of Coastal Western design, a style that is unique to us and perfected by us. Here’s what sets us apart:

Curated Collections: Everything about Coastal Cowgirl is exclusive and unique and here we provide all sorts of necessities for this lifestyle from beach bags to wall art.

Creative Inspiration: DIY & Decor Ideas is intended to inspire you to do more and make your environment more beautiful.

Community Connection: The brand is about women and their desire to travel and be adventurous for them it can be a mode of transport or even a hobby.

Authenticity and Passion: Saltsy Studio can say that each one of us appreciates the Coastal Western atmosphere and in many ways, we do live by it.

Engagement and Interaction: We are closely involved in several functions such as posting, sharing updates, and responding to comments. We believe in communicating not just with our customers but also with our growing community. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Saltsy Studio

Coastal Western style is a new trend unique to Saltsy Studio; it can be described as a combination of boho, coastal, farmhouse, rustic and western interior design trends.

Saltsy Studio presents products that include home essentials, office and stationery, and lifestyle products that reflect the Coastal Cowgirl lifestyle. You can also enjoy and easily incorporate around your home-specific items such as pillows, wall art, and other accessories of your choice. 

A carefully picked and thoughtfully organized range of home accessories, gifts, and furnishings, in addition to trendy stationery and lifestyle products such as themed planners and notebooks. Also, in the DIY & Decor Ideas articles, you will find ideas for personalizing interiors in your spare hours.

Yes, indeed, the Sips & Savors section is designed specifically to feature entertaining ideas, such as yummy recipes and cocktail tips matching the spirit of the Coastal Cowgirl.

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We invite you to join us on this journey. Explore our collections, engage with our content, and be a part of a community that values authenticity and the spirit of adventure. At Saltsy Studio, we’re all about helping you discover how to blend the seaside with rustic Western charm for a unique and stylish home.

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Saltsy Coastal Cowgirl Couture Logo

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