DIY Shark Teeth Christmas Memory Ornament

Looking for a neat and memorable way to display your collection of shark teeth? This DIY ornament is as easy as it gets!

The Most Popular Fossil

Sharks have been roaming the oceans for thousands of years. Considering each one of these powerful predators loses upwards of 35,000 teeth in their lifetime, that means there are a lot of teeth left behind!

We love scouring the water’s edge and ocean floor for these unique and popular fossil specimens. While modern shark teeth are rare, it’s not uncommon to find fossilized teeth that have been washed up to shallow waters. These sharks’ teeth can come from a huge variety of shark species ranging from types we know today to extinct species like the megaladon. The different colors, sizes, and shapes make collecting these a great time — and an incredibly addicting hobby!

We love finding unique crafts and fun ways to display our ever-growing collection of these fabulous fossils. This season, we’re going to add a few to our tree with this DIY Memory Bulb.

How to Make a Simple Shark Teeth Ornament

Here’s how to make your own Shark Teeth Christmas Memory Bulb.


  • Clear holiday bulbs from the craft store (Tip: make sure the opening is large enough for your teeth! For this bulb, we used small teeth from our collection. )
  • Shark teeth
  • Sand
  • Mod Podge and paintbrush
  • Tweezers
  • A small funnel for the sand
  • Parchment paper and pen
Saltsy DIY Shark teeth Christmas Ornmanet 1

Now, put it all together in five simple steps:

  1. Take the top off of the ornament. Then add a small amount of Mod Podge to your paintbrush. Carefully place your brush inside the ornament opening and gently Spread the Mod Podge along the bottom interior of the bulb. Note: This should be a very light coat!
  2. Using your funnel, pour a small amount of sand into the bulb, then gently swirl it around so the sand sticks to Mod Podge.
  3. On a small strip of parchment paper, write out the location of where the teeth were found (or a significant date, name, or other information). We tore the edges for a more rustic look! Then, brush a very light layer of amount of Mod Podge onto the back of the paper. Use the tweezers to insert your strip of paper into the bulb with the sand and shake gently.
  4. Add your shark teeth, and if necessary, more sand until the bulb is filled to your liking.
  5. Gently place the cap back on the bulb, and viola! You have a Shark Teeth Christmas Memory Bulb!

Want to see this craft come together in a quick video? Head to our Pinterest page!

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