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Modern Coastal Home Office Decor and Design Ideas That Will Inspire

Managing deadlines from your nautical home office nook or kitchen table? It’s time for an office space upgrade! If you’re dreaming of a dedicated workspace that sparks creativity and supports productivity, look no further than the coastline for modern coastal home office design ideas and decor inspiration. Join us as we pull together this bold and breezy home office layout:

Saltsy Home Office

From Dream to Reality: Create a Serene Workspace

Imagine for a moment that you’re working in your modern coastal home office — complete with a large window with an ocean view. Through soft shades on the windows, natural light cascades over bold coastal hues while greenery and coastal home decor adorn your light, airy furniture…

It might be simply a dream right now, but it doesn’t have to be for long!  After all, one of the perks when you work from home is styling your home office space just the way you’d like. So pick a room, clear some space, and follow along for inspiration and ideas to create a bold and breezy coastal feel in your new modern coastal office oasis!

Ask These 2 Questions to Find the Best Layout for your Modern Coastal Home Office

Before we get picking pieces, you’ll first want to to consider how you work and create a plan for your modern coastal home office layout. This will help you hone in on exactly what you need to make the space work for you. Below are a couple of design suggestions to get the office layout ideas rolling. Don’t be afraid to get the blue painters tape out and mark off exactly where each piece will be — it can really help you visualize the space before putting in the effort of ordering or moving furniture!

1. Where Does Your Desk Work Best?

First, consider your views. We recommend locating your desk with a view to a window, as it’s proven to improve wellness and productivity. Second, consider your backdrop. If you have the space, it’s always nice to center the desk in the room, facing the door with a beautiful built-in storage unit or decorative wall behind it. Not only is this visually appealing, it also makes the perfect zoom meeting backdrop!

Modern coastal home office design with a bright white desk, natural rattan guest chairs, and soft texture.

2. What Exactly Do You Do For Work?

While many remote roles simply require a laptop and an internet connection, many positions require additional support spaces. For example, if you store materials and products like interior designers, an office with a large, built-in storage unit is ideal. Designers may need an extra large desk for a larger computer or art materials. If you host meetings or have clients to your home, guest chairs and a small meeting table will be helpful.

A classic coastal home office with a large slate grey built-in storage unit, a wooden trestle desk and an upholstered chair, a chandelier

Finding Furniture for a Bright and Bold Coastal Office

Once you’ve planned the layout of your space, you’re ready get those coastal office decor ideas  flowing! It’s always great to start with the anchor pieces of the space. The anchor pieces are the larger, feature elements in the room like the desk, desk chair, guest chairs, storage units, lighting, and area rug.

Saltsy Style Tip: Mixing and matching light wood tones with cream or white furniture is a great go-to for a bold and breezy coastal theme, as it sets a neutral base for the accent pieces to stand out against. 

A Built-In Look With a Beachy Vibe

We love the Bourdonnais White Desk from Ballard Designs. It’s substantial enough to feel executive, but with light and airy detailing that is perfect for a coastal style home. This desk pairs perfectly with the Fraser Modular Media Set from West Elm and makes for an ideal backdrop — especially with serene seaside wall-color peeking through the bookshelves for contrast.

Bourdonnais Wooden Desk & Glass Topper 3 Drawer Home Office Furniture Ballard Designs
Fraser Modular Media Set (140")

Stylish Seating For All: Desk Chairs and Guest Chairs

For your office chair, consider comfort first! Of course aesthetics are important, but if it’s not ergonomically supportive, you’ll be searching for a new office chair in no time. Haworth’s beige Fern chair offers luxury aesthetics with everyday comfort. Pair this with some rattan guest chairs, like the Astrid Chair from Crate & Barrel, for the right amount of chic and simple texture.

Astrid Upholstered Rattan Dining Chair with Performance Fabric


Modern Coastal Home Office Decor & Lighting

Last, but certainly not least, are the lighting and the area rug. This is where the color really starts to sing! For Saltsy’s bright and bold look we opted for an organic-geometric pattern rug that brings in whimsical shades with a touch of gold for a sun-kissed detail. The pendant light fixture is a basket-style wooden bead chandelier that pairs perfectly with the furniture and coastal aesthetic.

Ohana Modern Decor - Abstract Boho Area Rug | Teal Pastel Pink Beige Minimalist
PB Teen Wood Beaded Chandelier

This is also a great time to pull in any pieces that are personal or special to you! Whether it be art, seashells, beach maps, or memorabilia from recent excursions, personal touches only enhance the coastal vibes and bring joy to a space where you spend so much time and energy! Having neutral anchor pieces for your home office in place means you can use these personal items to draw out accent colors that are meaningful to you.

Modern Coastal Home Office Decorating Ideas

Once the anchor pieces are selected, it’s time to add your favorite coastal details! There are plenty of places to add personal accents in your home office. Add a few decorative accents on storage shelves, desktops, and walls to balance things out and bring a bit of unexpected whimsy into the mix!

Artwork for Every Nook

Artwork is the icing on the cake for any space. In a coastal home office, we love art that brings a bit of playful whimsy – it keeps the creativity flowing!

This Abstract Waves canvas features bold pinks and teals that complement the bright tones used in the area rug (see how we’re bringing it all together?). This print makes a great statement piece behind the desk, and would be well complemented by a series of gallery prints in the same colors. Check out the gallery collection we assembled from Saltsy’s own wall art to add some unexpected flair to your space!

Saltsy Office Gallery Set
Gallery Set


This gallery set is composed of some of our favorite pieces: ShellsNeutral Sea Oats IIOcean Waves, and Teal Boho Palms.

Adding Greenery to Your Color Palette

The beauty of the beach isn’t just in the sand and the shore, it’s the natural elements that bring it all together. From the seashells and beach glass to the hues of blue in the sky and the seagrass along the dunes, it takes a mix of these natural wonders to bring a modern coastal home office to life! Bring the same balance to your lovely coastal home office by integrating greenery — either faux or the real deal.

Some of our favorite faux options come from combining Birch Lane’s Faux Beach Grass with the Crate & Barrel Reversible Planter. This West Elm Faux Potted Fern also seems to have really honed in on the texture and color to match its real life counterparts. Add a layer of depth to your office with white textural planters of varying sizes – bonus points for adding in a pop of color with it! 

West Elm Faux Potted Maidenhair Fern Plant
Birch Lane Artificial Potted Native Green Grass.
Crate & Barrel Glencoe Small Reversible White Metal Planter

Coastal Decor and Details You Shouldn’t Leave Behind

Any modern coastal home office isn’t complete without some great coffee table books, accessories, and decor.  

Adding coffee table books isn’t only about sophistication — they’re perfect when you need some distraction from a deadline! Enjoy your time perusing the bookstores for the perfect book jacket colors to go with your palette in topics that interest you most. If you’re looking for a place to start, we love these Serena + Lily Coffee Table Books and Sea Green Designs – The Sea.

Serena & Lily Coffee Table Books (Set of 3)
Sea Green Designs - The Life and Love of The Sea

And, of course, we always recommend clicking over to see what’s new at Saltsy! Our notepads and coastal cowgirl clipboards flow seamlessly into coastal aesthetics — and will undoubtedly make your modern coastal home office transformation feel complete.

No matter your aesthetic, you can create a modern coastal home office that inspires productivity and fosters creativity and inspiration. So, let the ocean breeze guide you and set your intentions for a workspace that suits your personal seaside style!

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