Fancy Lady Cowgirl: The Bold Journey of Courtenay Dehoff

The next inspirational woman in our Mermaids and Cowgirls series is a true Kansas cowgirl who was raised on a working ranch. But for Courtenay Dehoff, being a coastal cowgirl is a state of mind and a code that she lives by, on and off the horse. From rodeo athlete to motivational speaker, Dehoff is on a mission to empower women to be the best versions of themselves. We were super inspired by her storytelling ability, her passion for life, her career accomplishments, and her fabulous fashion. Read on for more about this bold and fearless woman who (very appropriately) likes to call herself a ‘Fancy Lady Coastal Cowgirl.’

Cowgirl Roots

Courtenay Dehoff - Coastal Cowgirl

Born into a ranching family in Tonganoxie, Kansas, Dehoff grew up helping with her family’s cow-calf operation. She learned to ride and spent her days working on the ranch, learning the value of hard work, and the importance of living with integrity and humility.

She participated in rodeos during high school, and attended Oklahoma State University where she studied agriculture communication and competed on the Rodeo team.

Broadcast Career

Following graduation, Dehoff pursued a career in broadcast journalism. She worked in some of the nation’s top television markets and hosted a nationally syndicated morning news show, but also found herself missing her western roots. Dehoff then began to branch out on her own, using social media to tell cowboy and cowgirl stories that were important to her, and that’s where she says she found her true calling. She continues to work in television, including hosting a variety of western sporting events.

Public Speaking

Dehoff - Coastal Cowgirl Public Speaker

As her following grew, Dehoff began getting requests to speak at industry events, and quickly became a sought-after keynote speaker. Today, she has a thriving speaking business and an impressive list of accomplishments including delivering the keynote speech to 65,000 attendees at the National FFA convention in 2021.

Dehoff currently has two popular speaking programs. The first, Live Legendary: Unleash Your Inner Cowgirl invites audiences to unlock their full potential through the cowgirl code. This code consists of six principles that Dehoff encourages people to live by in order to create an extraordinary life. The Cowgirl Code principles are courage, originality, worthiness, grit, integrity, and resiliency.

DeHoff’s second speaking program, Storytelling in Agriculture: Develop a Voice that Shifts Narratives, grew out of her passion for sharing the stories of America’s farmers and ranchers. In this program, she aims to bridge the disconnect between rural and urban communities, combat misinformation, and encourage listeners to develop and share their own agriculture stories with the world.

Fancy Lady Cowgirl

Courtenay Dehoff - Fancy Cowgirl

Given her diverse skillset and inspiring message, it’s no surprise that Dehoff has turned her mission into a global brand, and one that embraces all aspects of her career and personality. Called Fancy Lady Cowgirl, her brand speaks to the fact that Dehoff believes that you don’t have to choose between being a fancy lady and a cowgirl. Starting her career in broadcast journalism, she felt like she had to hide her cowgirl roots to fit in but found her greatest success by embracing both her cowgirl side and her fancy lady side.

Fancy Lady Cowgirl encourages women to be true to themselves, live boldly, and tell their story with courage and authenticity. In addition to continuing to work as a television host and share her story as a public speaker, she also has a podcast, and she hosts an annual Fancy Lady Cowgirl event that’s now in its third year and has sold out every time it has been offered.

This three-day event is part conference and part women’s retreat, and it’s based on the principles of the Cowgirl Code. It features workshops, empowering keynote speakers, and other experiences that aim to help women from all walks of life embrace their purpose, transform their mindset, and get inspired to create the best versions of themselves.

If you’re interested in learning more about DeHoff or attending one of her events, you can visit the Fancy Lady Cowgirl website, or follow her adventures on Instagram. Whether you’re a die-hard cowgirl, a beach babe who admires the cowgirl way of life, a fancy lady, or anything in between, we think you’ll be as inspired as we are by Courtenay Dehoff.

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