Sassy and Inspirational Cowgirl Quotes

Being a Coastal Cowgirl is a way of life, and if you’re a beach dweller who loves all things Western, you know exactly what we mean. It’s a love for the outdoors, a bold and fearless attitude, an independent spirit, some great ranch style, and exciting trail takes.

To celebrate our upcoming Coastal Cowgirl collection, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite inspirational cowgirl quotes and sayings. These quotes are written by, for, or about the bold and fearless country girls we admire, and we hope they’ll help you to embrace your inner cowgirl.

So, brace your country-girl spirit and top off your look with your best cowgirl boots and country music in the background as we present our top list of inspirational cowgirl captions.

Sassy and Uplifting Cowgirl Quotes

Sassy and Uplifting Cowgirl Quotes

I figure if a girl wants to be a legend, she should just go ahead and be one – Calamity Jane 

We love the confidence and sass in this fabulous quote from Calamity Jane. It’s a great reminder to aim high and to remember that we’re in control of our destiny. So, get up there and enjoy the horse gallops on the dirt road, leaving behind horse prints like it’s your last ride without minding the troubled souls. God gave you borrow freedom; use it!

A Cowgirl’s Spirit

A Cowgirl's Spirit Quotes

Forget a glass slipper. This princess wears cowboy boots – Anonymous

This anonymous quote may resonate with you if you’ve never identified with the typical fairy tales. Your heroines wear the right pair of boots and a cowgirl hat riding horses instead of tiaras and glass slippers, and we’re here for it!

The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and freedom – Sharon Ralls Lemon

Here’s a great quote for horse riders and horse lovers out there, but you don’t need to be a cowgirl to appreciate the beauty and power of these majestic animals; horses deserve admiration anyway!

You can't be scared of the things that make you feel Alive -Beth Dutton

Wisdom from the Range

You can’t be scared of the things that make you feel alive – Beth Dutton

Here’s one from the very strong, sassy, and quotable Beth Dutton of Yellowstone. Although Beth says her fair share of things that might not be classified as inspirational, we think this quote is some pretty wise advice for most cowgirls, reminding them to embrace the thrill of everyday things like the sound of country music.

Cowgirl Quotes

A cowgirl is a rare blend of grit and grace, toughness and tenderness, power and femininity – Unknown

We love this quote because it does a great job of illustrating the seemingly contradictory traits that coexist perfectly in a cowgirl.

Horses Give Us The Wings We Lack

Riding with Courage

Horses lend us the wings we lack – Pam Brown

Another one for the horse lovers, this time about the amazing feeling of freedom that comes from riding. Spread your wings, cowgirls!

Storms make trees take deeper roots – Dolly Parton

Of course, the iconic Dolly Parton had to make our list. This southern legend embodies, grit, grace, and kindness, and her quote reminds us that life’s challenges make us stronger.

“It ain’t the clothes that make the cowgirl – it’s the attitude and the heart – Unknown

We don’t know the author of this one, but we love how it captures the importance of what’s on the inside – although we think the clothes can be fun too!

Dirt is Cowgirl Glitter

Dirt is cowgirl glitter – Fallon Taylor

This quote from Fallon Taylor is a fun one that we had to add to the list. We love the idea of dirt portrayed as something sparkly and beautiful, like the mud in your pair of boots.

Embracing the Cowgirl Lifestyle

Boots, class, and a little sass, that’s what cowgirls are made of – Candice Nichols

This one is by the amazing Candice Nichols, who embodies a cowgirl to the fullest. This quote highlights the unique combination of refinement, sass, and adventurous spirit that characterizes a real cowgirl. And if you’re looking for cowgirl captions for your next cowgirl adventure, this is perfect!

Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway. – John Wayne

Here’s one from the legendary, better-looking cowboy himself, John Wayne. Although known primarily for his roles in the Wild West, his words often carry deep wisdom and a fearless attitude that perfectly embodies the cowgirl spirit with flaming enthusiasm, inspiring peoples’ dreams to live courageously.

Don’t mess with me, fellas! This cowgirl has been to the rodeo before. – Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford’s remark is a strong-willed statement of a professional, strong woman cowgirl who knows what she wants and is ready for any obstacles. We love this real horse sense – sound advice and good feelings that come with life experience in a cowgirl way that will surely boost young people confidence.

Cowgirl is an attitude, really; a pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage. – Dale Evans

Dale Evans, known as the “Queen of the Wild West,” perfectly captures what it means to be a cowgirl lil sass—a unique blend of courage, independence, and resilience that frequently makes her stand out.

A cowgirl is someone who can conquer anything. – Quotement

This quote emphasizes the indomitable spirit of cowgirls, who face every obstacle with unwavering determination and strength, but, of course, with her cowgirl boots!

If you fall off a horse, you get back up. I am not a quitter. – Kidadl

Reflecting the tenacity and resilience required in life and these beautiful rodeos, you too will love this quote that reminds you to always rise with your pair of boots and live the best life having a cowgirl’s heart.

The Heart of a Cowgirl

Half woman, half warrior. Delicate and strong. – R.H. Sin

This quote beautifully illustrates the dual nature of cowgirls, balancing strength and toughness with femininity—cowgirl stands with grace, after all. And as they say, cowgirl is an attitude, an art honed by strong women with an unrelenting belief.

Good girls are made of sugar and spice; cowgirls are made of whiskey on ice. – Rita Cynder

Rita Cynder’s playful comparison underscores cowgirls’ bold and unflinching characters. They are as tough as they come because they are God’s wildest angels.

Don’t be like the rest of them, darling. – Grace Kelly

This Grace Kelly cowgirl quote perfectly represents the cowgirl spirit of genuine and unapologetic character. It conveys the perfect understanding that a cowgirl should remain authentic and unique in her style and elegance, with a touch of Western spirit, no matter what may happen today.

Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, and work like a dog. – Caroline Simon

For the cowgirl, this quote from Caroline Simon entails continuing to be a polite and pretty while, at the same time, possessing the kind of tactical thinking that is required in life on the ranch. It also concerns the energy that must be applied to the strenuous activities of a cowgirl’s daily existence while continuing ridin ahead and live life to the fullest. And, oh, another one of the many cowgirl captions celebrating a cowgirl’s grace and determination.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Except cowgirls. Cowgirls will kill you. – Ray Cole

This quote from Ray Cole is quite funny and points out cowgirls’ ability to take punches. Cowgirls’ lives are not easy, and this teaches them to be strong; this saying acknowledges the strength cowgirls exhibit that will boost their self-esteem.

Give him a job, and learn how to build on the horse’s pride. Make him feel good about himself… and I wasn’t just talking about the horse.” – Buck Brannaman

This cowgirl quote from Buck Brannaman has a very deep meaning as it relates to horsemanship, a part of the cowgirl’s life. We love how it creates a sense of responsibility and pride in the horses they are training and within themselves, embodying the spirit of trust between horse and rider.

A woman’s place is in the saddle – Annie Oakley

It’s one of the perfect cowgirl captions. Annie Oakley once said that a woman’s position was on her horse. This cowgirl quote represents the freedom and power of a few cowgirls who live their lives, symbolizing their ability to stand equal with anyone and embrace the freedom that comes with mastering the skills of riding and living a life of adventure.

What’s Next for Everyone?

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And a Closing Inspiration from Us

Keep in mind that being a cowgirl means more than simply wearing boots and some cowboy hats; it’s about having a soul-clean mindset and a certain kind of bravery. So, whether you’re a coastal cowgirl or just love the cowgirl spirit and style, we hope you’ve liked this list of cowgirl sayings in this equestrian art of our natural storytellers’ known individuals.

More than anything, we hope it inspires you to be bold and embrace the future authentically with a fun and fearless attitude. Like independent women, break free from a mundane existence by galloping through life’s challenges with the spirit of horses guiding your way. Don’t forget God intended women to be strong and courageous. Till our next one!

Whether you’re a coastal cowgirl yourself, or your just admire the cowgirl spirit and style, we hope you’ve enjoyed this list. But even more, we hope it inspires you to be bold and embrace the future authentically with a fun and fearless attitude.

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