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Celebrating the Coastal Cowgirl Aesthetic

At Saltsy, the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic is more than just a TikTok trend — it’s a lifestyle! Heck, we even like to say the “y” in Saltsy stands for “yeehaw”… our wild west roots run deep!

Saltsy tropical cowboy boot artwork

The Saltsy philosophy and design style celebrate this cowgirl spirit. We’re here for the independent, adventurous, resilient, and colorful gals who love getting a little sand in their boots. If that sounds like you, then let’s have some fun — keep reading to find your coastal cowgirl spirit animal and peruse our bright boho coastal cowgirl collection.

Supporting Your Wild, Adventurous, & Free-Spirited Nature

When we started Saltsy, we knew that one of the things that would set us apart is our combined passion for creativity and all-things-ocean. (You can read more about our signature mandala style and colorful artwork here!) As we create each design, we like to think of how it embodies the Saltsy spirit — including the wild, adventurous, free-spirited nature of cowgirls.

Here are 5 creatures you’ll find swimming throughout our sea of Saltsy artwork, and some of the reasons why we chose them for our designs. Which one is your coastal cowgirl spirit animal?

Saltsy coastal cowgirl flamingo artwork showing a colorful, mandala-style flamingo wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat

Find Your Coastal Cowgirl Spirit Animal

  1. Dolphin: Dolphins are playful and free — just like adventurous and spirited cowgirls. They are known for their agility, intelligence, and ability to navigate the vast ocean with grace and determination.
  2. Seahorse: Seahorses are resilient and adaptable. These unique creatures are stronger than they look, and can withstand challenging ocean currents and adapt to changing environments. Without a doubt, their tenacity and ability to hold their ground even in turbulent waters resonate with our cowgirl spirit!
  3. Sea Turtle: Just as cowgirls are often associated with exploring wide-open spaces, sea turtles undertake long migrations across the oceans, traveling thousands of miles to reach their nesting grounds. Obviously their perseverance and sense of wanderlust make them an ideal cowgirl creature companion!
  4. Flamingo: Flamingos are the perfect pal for the vibrant and lively nature of a coastal cowgirl! They have the same infectious energy and colorful enthusiasm. Most importantly, flamingos are creatures of both land and water, so they’re a great symbol for balancing different aspects of life… like the ruggedness of the cowboy lifestyle with the serenity and fluidity of coastal living.
  5. Octopus: An octopus has remarkable intelligence and problem-solving skills. They can camouflage seamlessly into their surroundings, showing their resourcefulness and adaptability. These qualities parallel the cowgirl spirit, as cowgirls often face tough situations and find creative solutions to overcome them.
Ocean scene artwork by Saltsy featuring mandala ocean creatures in a colorful sea of plants and animals

Embrace the Coastal Cowgirl Look

Have you ever wanted to feel like Dolly Parton at a Jimmy Buffet concert? Us too. Whether it’s through one of these coastal cowgirl spirit animals or our other cowgirl-centric artwork, we want our design style to help you embrace your own individual coastal cowgirl aesthetic and spirit! Take a look at some of our designs:

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your coastal cowgirl fashion, then we’re here for you! Shop our Boots on the Beach collection and Sea Menagerie designs 24/7 at Saltsy.com. As always, Saltsy offers free shipping on U.S. orders… it’s just the cowgirl way. 😉

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