The Story of Saltsy’s Signature Mandala Style & Colorful Boho Artwork

We like to say that we embrace coastal living — with a twist. At Saltsy, we’re a group of dreamers, beach enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. We’re one part boho cowgirl, one part color enthusiast, and one part mermaid… and we love sharing these pieces of ourselves through Saltsy. How do we come up with our signature mandala style designs and colorful boho artwork? Here’s our unique color story…

Saltsy color palette: Tropical mandala style pattern with an array of 5 coordinating bright color hex codes beneath it.

Finding Our Fish in a Sea of Creativity

So much of our Saltsy style is influenced by our south Florida roots — the bright coastal colors, the unique sea-life, and relaxed beach culture are all whirled into our artwork and designs. But before there was Saltsy, there was a fish. Or, rather, lots of fish! 

Saltsy’s founder, Kim Ivkov, is an avid sportfisherman. Inspired by the sport, her sunny days on the sea, and the colorful array of coastal species she catches, Kim dreamed up a brand that would share the adventurous and creative seaside spirit with other ocean-loving women. 

That’s when Saltsy splashed onto the scene. During the summer of 2022, we partnered with several artists to see if we could find an artistic style to bring Saltsy to life. We ended up with an entire reef of colorful coastal fish! However, after several iterations and color swaps, there was one clear winner: The beautiful Boho Blackfin Tuna. One fish reflects the cool colors from the depths of the ocean, while the other radiates the hues of a rich coastal sunset.

Saltsy's colorful mandala style ocean art featuring two stacked Blackfin Tuna, the top in cool colors and the bottom in warm colors, above a quote: "I embrace my distinct qualities & swim my own path, adding vibrant colors to the tapestry of life" - Saltsy

Our Blackfin Tuna perfectly captures Saltsy’s signature mandala style and colorful boho palette. One of the things we love about mandala-style art is the way it uses patterns to tie together so many themes and colors. If you look closely, our Blackfin Tuna artwork is made up of swirling currents, tropical flowers, meandering bubbles, and — of course — fish scales. It was the perfect start to our Sea Menagerie Collection:

Embracing the Unconventionally Coastal

The Saltsy Blackfin Tuna established the foundation for our unconventionally coastal artwork. Still, we weren’t sure how or when we would translate our bright, mandala style into other designs. However, we certainly weren’t expecting our next inspiration to come on the heels of a disaster!

Just after opening for business, Hurricane Ian hit Saltsy’s home coast in September 2022. As we helped with the cleanup efforts around our home, we shared our fish artwork on a variety of Florida Strong designs in hopes of raising awareness and aid for our neighbors and friends. After things settled, we knew that we wanted Saltsy’s next collection to be as undeniably Floridian as the first.

Kim’s hometown of Venice, FL, is known for its fun local pastime: shark tooth hunting. We wanted to pay homage to this hobby in the best way we knew how — with a splash of color!

Aqua colored banner graphic of shark teeth artwork and the inspiration behind it: Colorful ocean themed mood boards and colorful boho artwork with Saltsy's trio of Tropical Shark Teeth artwork in the center

We created mood boards and used real shark teeth fossils — borrowed from Kim’s daughter Erika’s personal collection — to design this tropical trio. (Fun fact: You may see Erika’s fossilized treasures in some of our product pictures! We even used them to teeth to create a DIY shark teeth ornament.)

We incorporated our beloved mandala style and eye-catching hues into the artwork and made each tooth as unique as the inspiring fossil it came from. Now they’re part of one of our most popular product lines, the Tropical Shark Teeth Collection.

Keep Dreaming with Us…

With these two popular designs under our dive belts, our imaginations took hold and now we’re creating collections that speak to more of our favorite things: coastal cowgirls, beach lovers, and mermaids-at-heart.

If you enjoy these things too — especially if you dream of them in colors of the sea, then you’ve come to the right place. So grab your sunscreen, towel, and most importantly, your boundless imagination! We can’t wait to see how you use Saltsy’s mandala style designs and colorful boho artwork in your own unique color story…

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