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5 Adventurous Water sports All Women Should Try

There is nothing like being in the great outdoors, feeling the salty air on your skin, and challenging yourself to step out of our comfort zone. After all, a beach day can be so much more than catching a tan and sipping a cocktail at an ocean-front restaurant – although, let’s be honest, that’s a whole lot of fun too! 

While many ladies are up for grabbing a boogie board or SUP-ing with their families and friends, there’s plenty more to explore away from the shore. Out on the open ocean there’s a world of water sports waiting to help you reignite your childhood wonder, free your inner mermaid, and discover your #SaltsySpirit with those you love!

Here are five exciting water sports worth checking out:

Fishing poles lined up on the back of a boat moving through the ocean
5 Adventurous Water sports All Women Should Try 11

1. Deep Sea Fishing

You may have thrown a line off a dock at some point in your life, but if you have yet to explore angling with land nowhere in sight, then it’s time to cast aside your reservations and charter a fishing guide! If you are looking for an ocean adventure that is great for any age and ability, offshore fishing is a must-try experience. 

Deep sea fishing involves boarding a boat and heading out to the open ocean, typically where the water is at least 100 feet deep. Here you’ll find yourself surrounded by a stunning variety of deep-sea species. Off the Florida coast, where the Saltsy team spends their time, there’s a huge variety of fish including the goliath grouper, mahi-mahi, marlin, and tuna. There is truly nothing like breathing in the serenity of the sea while waiting for a potentially 1,000-pound fish to jerk your line — and learning the art of  trolling, chumming, popping, and jigging from a sportfishing expert is a fun bonus, too.

Spear fishing gun in water with fish swimming nearby
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2. Spearfishing

Women are capable of achieving incredible feats, so what better addition to our repertoire than learning to spearfish? There are several local guides in Florida that offer an all-inclusive spearfishing experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all experience levels. 

Spearfishing has many variations that can drastically alter your experience. Although it may take some practice to learn to spearfish while submerged underwater, contrary to misconceptions, there are actually several species that you can spearfish from the surface of the water, too. Anglers also have the choice to freedive or snorkel while scoping out their target, and unlike many other locations, Florida permits the use of scuba gear when fishing as well. 

No matter which route you choose, the immersive adventure of spearing your own fish is both fulfilling and exhilarating —  and it will undoubtedly give you some unbeatable memories to share at happy hour!

freediving woman
5 Adventurous Water sports All Women Should Try 13

3. Freediving

Freediving involves exploring the depths of the underwater world in one breath, allowing you to immerse yourself in gorgeous coral reefs, secret caves, shipwrecks, and an abundance of aquatic life without the burden of cumbersome gear. 

While breath control can take some practice, there are varying levels of difficulty, including with or without weights, that you can explore when delving into the freediving world. With a little practice and the guidance of professional divers who have mastered the art of optimizing a single breath, your mind and soul will love exploring crystal-blue waters from this fresh perspective. 

Red Starfish closeup
5 Adventurous Water sports All Women Should Try 14

4. Underwater Photography

Everyone loves a gorgeous beach picture in their news feed, so why not step it up a notch and show off your adventurous side by sharing some underwater photos, too? 

This doesn’t mean you have to invest in professional equipment, either. With the right waterproof case, even an iPhone can take fantastic underwater photos!

Don’t be discouraged if your photos don’t come out perfectly on the first try; the challenge of navigating the nuances of photography is heightened when you add in the factor of being under water, but when you get a hang of the lighting and angles, you can capture photos that are pure artwork. 

Woman kite surfing in ocean
5 Adventurous Water sports All Women Should Try 15

5. Kitesurfing

If you like your hobbies to combine exercise with leisure, kitesurfing may be your perfect match. Kitesurfing involves using wind power to guide your surfboard along the water’s surface. This discipline requires a strong core, sharp focus, and the determination to get back on the board once you’ve been thrown into the waves, but if you give it a chance, the exhilaration of sailing atop the waves with the wind in your hair is unlike anything else.

Many companies offer both gear and instruction for beginners who are eager to try this water sport, allowing you to experience a seamless introduction to riding the waves at the hand of the wind. It can be fun to work your way up to some jumps and tricks, but the simple experience of riding atop the surf will likely be enough to keep you coming back for more!

As the Saltsy founder says, “The ocean doesn’t care how old you are!” If you are the type of woman who loves challenging her mind and body, or you’re just looking for something new and fun to do with your family and friends, then elevate your beach experience by giving these adventurous outdoor water sports a try! 

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