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Sportfishing Spotlight: Meet the Gale Force Twins

Let’s face it: When it comes to the world of recreational and competitive sport fishing, there are very few ladies in the game. However, this is rapidly changing! The number of expert female anglers out there is quickly rising, and some of them are doing their darndest to help educate young people about fishing and boating while also sharing the love of a hobby that can be challenging, rewarding, and outright fun! 

At Saltsy, nothing is more exciting to us than women who are pushing aside traditional insecurities about ocean adventures and inspiring others to do the same. Two such women are Amanda and Emily Gale, otherwise known as “The Gale Force Twins.” 

Never heard of The Gale Force Twins? Well, you’re going to love them as much as their 150k avid YouTube followers (… and 456K TikTok followers… and 75K Instagram followers…) do! Here’s what you should know about these fierce female fishers.

Who Are The Gale Force Twins?

Amanda and Emily Gale are twin sisters who grew up fishing on the docks of Islamorada in South Florida. 

However, sportfishing wasn’t a family pastime. Although the girls were drawn to the hobby, they were also academically and athletically driven, and ultimately they attended the University of Miami to pursue degrees in Microbiology and Immunology, while also competing on their track team as pole vaulters. It was actually their coach who dubbed them “The Gale Force Twins” and the moniker stuck. 

Between semesters, the sisters found themselves in the clear water of Key West in the Florida Keys, each putting in quality time as female mate. It was here they became licensed USCG 50 Ton Captains, and subsequently started The Gale Force Twins, LLC. 

If this wasn’t impressive enough, this was only the beginning of their career trajectory and growth in the sportfishing world. Their business grew to include chartering adventures on their own boat, selling custom gear, and posting educational (and fun!) fishing and water content online. Since the start of their company, these women anglers have taken the seas, sportfishing competitions, and the internet by storm. 

Amanda and Emily Gale of The Gale Force Twins holding large Mahi Mahi sport fish
The Gale Force Twins, Amanda and Emily Gale, stand together holding a big fish. This Mahi Mahi is just one amazing example of the types of sport fish they’ll teach you how to catch in their popular videos. Photo courtesy of galeforcefishing.com.

There’s Always Enough Time to Learn

One of the most amazing things Amanda and Emily do is demystify the world of sportfishing — particularly for women and families. Because they didn’t grow up sportfishing, they had to learn the ins and outs of the sport on their own. They asked the intimidating questions in tackle shops and turned their knowledge into a good time for all of us! They began their social media journey by vlogging their early charter boat fishing journeys and posting them online. Following a positive reception, the twins decided to expand their online content offerings, with each video or post focusing on  the following: Educate, Explain, and Entertain. 

Far too often, women or girls are afraid to break into the recreational fishing space because they don’t feel confident on the water or captaining their own boat. Emily and Amanda cover it all in their multimedia content on their social media channels, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Each short video covers fun fishing trips, must-know water safety, boating tips, fishing hacks, kind of fish, and more — all in an entertaining, judgment-free package, so whether it’s your first time fishing or you’re a seasoned expert, there’s something to learn.

Not surprisingly, their online popularity exploded during the pandemic. In fact, their following grew so quickly that they were able to set aside their chartering business and focus on expanding their engaging video content and launch an impressive product line. The Twins sell recreational fishing gear on their website, including their own state-of-the-art, meticulously designed fishing rods. Say hello to big catches and big adventures! 

Entrepreneurs With a Saltsy Spirit

If you enjoy sportfishing or love the Gale Force Twins’ mission and content as much as we do, then you definitely need to check out their custom merchandise! The Gale Force Twins’ shop has standard merch such as performance and regular branded t-shirts, face shields, and hats. They also offer fishing gear like custom fishing rods so you can kickstart — or upgrade — your sportfishing journey.

Now…watch a few videos, then grab your girlfriends or your whole family and let’s go fishing!

Need More Gale Force Twins Content?

Amanda and Emily both have an amazing #SaltsySpirit and we love what they’re doing for the sport of fishing! You can find out more about the Gale Force Twins at galeforcefishing.com. They’re also active on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, where they post their fishing adventures and bite-sized lessons on the world of sportfishing. Plus, you can sign up for their popular mailing list to stay up to date with everything Gale Force Twins!

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