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Serve Up Seaside Country Style: A Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Design You’ll Love

Imagine waking up each morning and walking into a cozy, warm space where a soft summer breeze dances through airy curtains and warm sunlight lingers across a rustic wood table as the scent of the sea melds with the aroma of your favorite coffee. Welcome to your coastal farmhouse dining room!

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room

It may sound too good to be true, but this idyllic scene can be your reality with a cozy costal farmhouse dining room. Follow along with us as we combine the perfect balance of seaside charm and western warmth — the ideal combination whether you’re enjoying country style farmhouse living with a touch of the sea, or lounging in a classic coastal home infused with country inspiration.

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Design: Balancing Aesthetics

As any interior designer will tell you, combining two distinct aesthetic styles into one holistic space is all about balance. In this case, creating a cohesive coastal farmhouse dining room is dependent on balancing moments of breezy coastal design and chic country farmhouse in just the right proportions. 

It sounds complicated, but we’ve got you covered! To take the first step in creating this look, we recommend selecting a dominant aesthetic. Are you a little more country or coastal? Whichever feels right for you, go with it! This is your primary design style and the other can be brought in through the details and layers to create your dream mealtime mecca!

Saltwater may be running through our veins here at Saltsy, but we’re going for a twist and using country farmhouse decor as our primary aesthetic and will be layering in some classic coastal details to infuse our ocean roots.

Seaside Charm Meets Rustic Warmth: Crafting Your Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room

While we almost always start our spaces with the anchor pieces — which here in the dining area includes a dining table, chairs, an area rug, and lighting — we’re flipping the script and starting our design inspired by this gallery wall art collection!

The Artwork


The colors in these canvases are the perfect balance of serene and neutral that we aim to emulate in the space. We envision this collection set upon a cream colored shiplap wall feature that can be seen the moment you walk into the room.

Find these perfectly paired stretch canvases at Saltsy:
Blue ShellBoho Palm TreeNeutral Sea OatsAbstract Boho PalmsDark Orange Boho Palms

The Table

coastal farmhouse dining table

Now that the art is settled, we’re can refocus our attention on the furniture. Creating this as a primarily coastal farmhouse style space and infusing some coastal design ideas means our pieces will be simple and clean in form, but will also have some subtle textures and details that nod back to each aesthetic. For the table, this Rustic Farmhouse Wood Dining Table from Pottery Barn is the perfect centerpiece. It even extends to fit more friends and family!

The Lighting

metal light fixture

The dark wood tone of this table creates a grounding feature moment and we want to align that with the light fixture above, while also brightening the elements around them to create a feature in the space. To create this effect, we went with the Laurel Ridge Pendent. Its light and airy aesthetic is balanced with a heavier natural iron material — the perfect anchor over our farmhouse table!

The Seating

white coastal farmhouse dining chair
white wood coastal farmhouse dining room bench

Now, we balance. We’ve opted for a classic design combination of chairs and a bench, all in a white-washed wood finish that contrasts with our feature light fixture and dining table. Each of these pieces have distinct details that start to build coastal accents into the farmhouse aesthetic.

The Rug

Lunada Bay Rug

When selecting an area rug, don’t be afraid of making a statement. We selected The Lunada Bay Rug by Cailini Coastal, which is a dream combination of the two decor styles. This spectacular rug will continue to inspire when we select our paint colors! In this area rug, coral pinks and ocean blues are transformed into dusty tones that exude farmhouse living.

Breezy, Classic Details to Enhance Your Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Decor

Now that the anchor pieces are in place, it’s time to bring in some of the finishing decor! We’ll want to consider not only the paint palette (inspired by the art and area rug), but also the centerpiece along the table, the table settings, and any additional furniture and decor we want to use to complete the room.

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Paint Color Palette

When it comes to interior paint color ideas and developing a color palette, we recommend pulling together more colors than you need to actually paint with so you have some color samples to bring along when you’re shopping for accessories. 

For our space, we’re tying seaside corals and ocean blues with countryside sunsets, opting for blue and coral tones that we are pulling from the rug. We selected two coral tones, two blue tones, and a warm cream to build our base palette:

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Table Decor and Decorating Ideas

Anchor pieces? Check! Color palette? Check! All that is left is to style your table, which can be done in a couple of ways. You can keep it simple and sleek or bring in a bit of boldness and texture to enhance the statement of the room.

For this look, we stayed on trend with the coastal farmhouse aesthetic by using natural materials, a bit of soft color, and organic elements to bring it all together. We love the art piece that we started with so our goal is to bring moments and colors from that piece into the room without overpowering or competing with the artwork. Here’s what we found:

  • A seagrass table runner down the center of the table is a neutral base that is a subtle shift from the natural wood farmhouse dining table. Jute or linen table runners also make for a great alternative if you find that seagrass is hard to come by!
  • This Teak Wood Centerpiece is oozing with organic beauty that brings us back to the beach and at nearly 30 inches wide, it leaves room for some textural, handcrafted blue vases that nod back to our broader color palette. Bonus points for balancing your florals with crisp whites and bold coral hues.
  • The teak centerpiece can be filled with anything from moss balls and seashells nestled into a bed of sand to add a coastal touch to a curated collection of found objects in bold colors.
  • Here, we wanted to really emphasize the layers, so we would weave in a few of these beaded Sea Glass Garlands from Pottery Barn as well. We love them because they have a coastal feel without being as literal as the shells, so it doesn’t feel overdone.

Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room Table Place Settings

Although our tablescape is primarily neutral, we plan to make it pop with the table setting! Say cheers to these adorable and colorful pieces:

  • Starting with a coastal farmhouse style charger, this set of four comes in a beautiful denim tone that really makes a statement. We’ll layer these with some organic, coastal style, seashell-esque dinner plates to marry both aesthetics in the moment.
  • We fell in love with these Batik Floral Napkins that come in the most perfect shade of pink and blue. A four pack of each gives us the perfect a mix and match vibe to go with our farmhouse coastal dining room.
  • Last but not least – the final touch to this space are some pink acrylic water glasses from West Elm add the most subtle pop to the table and we can’t get enough!

Take a Seat in Your New Coastal Farmhouse Dining Room

And that’s a wrap! As you can see, finding the perfect combination of cozy farmhouse and breezy coastal interior design is well within reach. Through some thoughtful color planning, creative sourcing, and a good amount of balance, you can create the coastal farmhouse dining room of your dreams!

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