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Holi-DIY: Handmade Decor and DIY Gifts for Beach Lovers

The holiday season is a time for generosity and giving. If you’re anything like us here at Saltsy, you know that when it comes to giving, the thought behind a gift really does count and that’s why we love a good do it yourself opportunity! No matter the gift, adding little piece of yourself into it through handmade details makes a DIY present that much more special. Plus, you may even find a new creative passion or interest that you never expected! 

From décor to keepsakes, the opportunities and options are endless for you to put your heart into something thoughtful this season. Bonus points if you round up friends or family to join you! After all, a good DIY is always better together! Read on for some of our favorite coastal DIY gifts to brighten the season for yourself and your loved ones.

DIY Decor for the Coastal Home 

Nothing brightens a home during the holiday season more than a bit of Christmas décor — from the Christmas tree and wreaths to a thematic tablescape or elaborately decorated fireplace mantle, the opportunities to bring in the season are everywhere in your home, and the homes of others! What’s better than adding a little DIY dazzle to bring out your personality or reflect the taste of a dear friend? 

Ocean-Themed Ornaments

Remember as a child proudly bringing home all those handmade ornaments to hang on the tree? We still have a few memorable ones that make their way onto the tree each year, but what better way to bring back that excitement than to get back in the DIY spirit? And this time, you get to use more than just popsicle sticks!

For tree trimmings, My Wee Abode has some fantastic coastal ornament tutorials that we love. The best part is that the Ombre Twine glass ornament, Sparkly Ornament, Twine Tree, and Sea Glass Charm Ornament all work together to create a natural, beachy aesthetic. This DIY is great because the possibilities are unlimited – by simply changing up the colors and materials you use, this can work with nearly any theme or decor style! (Pro tip: Add a handmade ornament as a gift-topper — not only will it look gorgeous under the tree, it’s a bonus gift that your recipient will love and use!)

Gorgeous Garland

Garland is one our favorite holiday DIY gifts — and not just for Christmastime. It has many uses in a holiday décor scheme, most notably on stairwells and mantles. However, they look fabulous anywhere they can drape effortlessly and be the star of the show. Everyone can find a spot for pretty garland! Creating your own garland allows you to make it perfectly fit an aesthetic by changing colors or materials as you see fit! 

This Sand Dollar and Bead Garland from It’s a Wonderful Thought is a fun take on garland that brings in texture and contrast that we love:

Beautiful DIY garland with wood beads and sand dollars
Photo Credit: It’s A Wonderful Thought

If you’re looking for something more classic for your DIY gift-ing, Farmhouse Living has a great how-to for an Evergreen Garland. The bells may not be coastal-vibe, but switch those up with some classic buoys, driftwoodseashells, or even glass floats in the color of your choice and you’ve got something truly one of a kind that your beach-loving friends will adore!

Sea-Sational Wreaths

Wanting to extend a warm welcome to your guests, or give something special to a particularly fabulous hostess? A DIY wreath will do the trick! This guide from Cottage Bunker Hill for a Coastal Inspired Wreath is quick and easy, and the results are swoon-worthy. Customize with colors and materials to match your friends’s home!

DIY wreath with coastal elements
Photo Credit: Cottage Bunker Hill

DIY Beach Trinkets from the Heart

When you’re done decking your halls, and the halls of your friends and family, try your hand at making a few unique keepsakes and trinkets! If you’re looking for something a little more personal for your DIY gifts this season, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

Sea-Inspired Wine Charms

This tutorial on Wine Cork Charms are a great way to integrate a piece of the sea that you found during your beach-combing adventures. For a fun twist on the concept, use a wine charm and hot glue the decorative element to a piece of hand-picked sea glass like the ones we found here.

Coastal Candles

Speaking of beach-combing, if you’re a shell collector, then this is the craft for you! Put your one-of-a-kind seashell finds to creative use this holiday season by turning them into candles. Just make sure to choose a shell that can rest on a flat surface (or glue it to a base). Use this DIY candle tutorial to turn your seashells into lovely scented works of art.

DIY candle made from seashells
Photo Credit: Completely Coastal

Hand-Painted Driftwood Sign

For something a little more personalized, consider a driftwood sign. The fun part is it can be holiday themed, beach themed, or just simply say “Welcome Home” — it’s completely up to you!

Handpaited driftwood sign that says "beach - 5 miles"
Photo Credit: A Heartful Home

Beach in a Jar

We love this Beach in a Jar DIY because it’s great for both gift-makers and gift-receivers of any age. Children love twisting and turning it to find the objects as the sand shifts around them, and adults can appreciate the beauty and memory of these mini beach-scapes. Do you travel often? If so, these make excellent keepsakes for your travel-mates any time of the year!   

DIY gift of a beach in a jar with sand and shells
Photo Credit: Mama Miss

No matter what you choose to make this season, we hope you find joy in the process of creating and in the act of giving DIY gifts this holiday season. Don’t forget to share your creations with us — we love to see how the ocean inspires you!   


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