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The Perfect Inspiration for Your Coastal Christmas Tree

Beautiful Aqua Coastal Christmas Tree designed by Saltsy

Who says the holiday season can’t be a beachy blast? Picture this: a stunning blue coastal Christmas tree adorned with delightful seashell ornaments, twinkling lights resembling glistening stars on the shoreline, and charming ocean-themed decor that’ll make you want to grab your snorkel gear and dive right in!

This season, we’re embracing coastal charm with an aqua-colored Christmas tree that’ll transport you straight to sunny, sandy shores. This Saltsy Coastal Christmas tree inspiration is a merry masterpiece that will bring the magic of the ocean right into your living room!

Start with the Perfect Coastal Christmas Tree

The star of this aquatic extravaganza? A mesmerizing aqua tree that stands tall, radiating the vibrant hues of the ocean. Aqua is the new red and green, folks! It’s like having a piece of the sea indoors, adding a refreshing twist to the classic Christmas greenery.

Source: We used this Pre-lit Aqua Christmas Tree as the foundation for our beachy tree.

Build a Foundation of Ocean-Themed Ornaments

Now, let’s talk ornaments! What better way to capture the essence of the coast than with a foundation of sparkly seashell decorations on your coastal Christmas tree? From delicate starfish to shimmering shells in various shapes and sizes, each ornament is a tiny treasure reminiscent of beach-combing adventures. Hang them delicately on the branches, and watch as they catch the light, evoking memories of sun-soaked days spent collecting seashells by the shore.

Sources: We opted to start with a mix of colors and textures that reminded us of the sea — but that didn’t compete with our brightly-colored tree: Green Etched Ball Christmas Tree Ornaments, Gold Coral Cluster Ornaments, and Glitter Seashell Christmas Tree Ornaments.

Make a Splash with Eye-Catching Details

But wait, there’s more! Bring out the playful side of this nautical wonderland with whimsical ornament additions like miniature lighthouses, tiny turtles, glittering sea stars, and perhaps even some cheeky seahorses perched atop the branches. These little touches infuse the tree with a sense of adventure and whimsy, inviting everyone to embark on a jolly sea voyage right in your home.

Sources: We love the little details in these unique ornaments: Iridescent Coastal Sea Star Keepsake Ornament, Lighthouse Ornament, Sea Turtle Christmas Ornament, and Seahorse Christmas Ornament.

Add Glitzy Coral Sprays and Nautical Garland

And what’s a Christmas tree without a splash of glitz and garland? For the garland, we recommend opting for something natural that pays homage to your tree’s nautical origins. To set off these neutral tones, be sure to add in some bursts of metallics — the result will remind you of glistening, sun-drenched sand dunes.

Sources: We’re obsessed with this Burlap Wired Net Ribbon as garland, and the occasional burst of glittery coral provided by these stylish Gold Coral Spray Branches.

Don’t Forget the Tree Topper and Base!

Completing the scene, don’t forget a tree skirt that resembles soft, sandy beaches or a playful wave-like pattern. And for the topper, reconnect to the golden, natural hues you added to the rest of your tree. These two pieces will tie everything together, creating a coastal Christmas cove in your living space!

Sources: The Natural Woven Christmas Tree Collar and Beaded Star Tree Topper are the finishing touches this tree needs to complete its coastal Christmas vibe.

Enjoy Your Coastal Christmas Tree

So, this holiday season, swap snowflakes for seashells, and bask in the joy of a coastal Christmas tree! It’s a delightful way to merge the festive spirit with the calming vibes of the seaside, reminding us that the magic of Christmas can be found wherever our hearts feel most at home.

Go ahead, unleash your inner beachcomber, and make waves with your decor this season. After all, there’s no better time to celebrate the holidays than with a sprinkle of coastal cheer!

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