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A Nautical Chic Guest Bedroom: Using Blue and White to Create the Perfect Vintage Coastal Vibe

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the gentle lull of waves crashing on the shore, sunlight dancing along the walls, and the scent of saltwater permeating the room… If you think a yacht vacation is the only way to get this experience, think again! If you’re looking to give guests a restful retreat, there is no better haven than a guest room that brings this luxurious experience to life. So, grab your seafaring compass and let’s set sail for an epic guest room transformation: Join us as we navigate the choppy waters of designing the perfect nautical chic guest bedroom.

Nautical Chic Guest Bedroom

Charting the Course: Choosing Your Colors

A nautical chic space is all about capturing the soul of the sea, and while the color inspiration is endless, we are inspired by the look of a washed navy paired with soft, warm whites. This inviting, vintage spin on the classic navy and white combo is sure to delight. 

Finding just the right shade of blue for this look is key, and we recommend starting with paint colors to steer the space. Here are a few of our favorite shades to achieve this look:

Our top picks for nautical Blue paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams Rainstorm (SW 6230), Tempe Star (SW 6229), or Waterloo (SW 9141)
  • Benjamin Moore Westcott Navy (1624), New Province Navy (1651), Vermont Slate (1673)

our top picks for vintage coastal Warm White paint colors:

  • Sherwin Williams: Egret White (SW 7570), Shoji White (SW 7042), or Oyster White (SW 7637)
  • Benjamin Moore: White River (1499), Going to the Chapel (1527), or Olympic Mountains (971)

As always, don’t be afraid to get samples and test them in your new nautical chic guest bedroom! Colors tend to read differently depending on the natural and artificial light in your space and can even change at different times of day.

Anchoring the Space with Furniture and Bedding

To really let the vintage nautical details shine, we recommend turning to crisp and classic silhouettes for your furniture. Think clean lines and soft, white-washed wood tones that will amplify that vintage vibe. Use your bedding strategically to add textural layers in the space. A classic sheet set with a textured blue throw tossed over a subtly patterned duvet cover will feel just right for an inviting nautical chic guest bedroom. As a final touch, add in a few cozy, textured throw pillows for a splash of color and comfort.

Furniture should be substantial to ground the space: Birch Lane’s Clove Platform Bed in driftwood gray is a great option, and it has a coordinated collection of night stands and dressers to keep the foundation of the space simple and sleek. 

Clove Solid Wood Platform Bed
Dresser with drawers on a wood floor
A nightstand with two drawers


Boll & Branch’s’ Signature Sheet Set is a classic (and one of our favorites!). And for pulling in warm whites throughout this vintage nautical chic guest bedroom – nothing else feels quite as luxurious as a set of crisp white sheets. For a feminine touch, the Hawthorn Coverlet has repeating floral motifs that have us dreaming of seaside bouquets; but if you like a simpler look, the Lodi Sand Matelasse is a great alternative. Top either off with the Cashe Latitude Blanket and you’ve transformed your guest bed into idyllic, oceanic retreat!

White Signature Hemmed Sheet Set
A bed with white sheets and pillows
A bed with white pillows and blankets
Cotton Blanket

For throw pillows, Crate and Barrel has found the perfect nautical shades in their latest collection. Try combining the Biella, Amalfi, and Biella Sphere for a lovely layered look. 

Deep Indigo Blue Throw Pillow Cover
Deep Indigo Blue Throw Pillow Cover
Arctic Ivory Throw Pillow


Treasures from the Deep: Accessories and Personal Touches for Your Nautical Chic Guest Bedroom

Once you have the bigger items and the basics down, it’s time to have some fun and really make this guest space your own. There are a lot of ways to do this, whether it be artwork, lighting, or some special personal finds from your own seafaring adventures.

Whichever way you choose to go with your accessories, have fun with it! Look for details of rope, metals, washed wood, and glass to really amp up the aesthetic. To really play up the vintage coastal vibe, look for small aged brass and antique coastal accents as well. We’ve gathered some of our favorite finds and ideas here to help steer you along the right course!

Lighting the Way

Nautical-inspired lighting can add ambiance in more ways than one.

Table lamps are the most practical solution, these Southern Ocean Swirl lamps bring in a soft reflection with a blend of beautiful blues.  For a more classic solution, we seem to always find something we like at CB2, like the Algarve Lamp.

If you’re looking for something more signature and have the budget for some electrical work, the Coastal Tide wall sconces from Belle Escape on each side of the bed might be a great alternative.

A blue and white table lamp
Coastal Tide Wall Sconce
Algarve Ceramic Table Lamp


Personalized Wall Art

For a feature art piece above the bed, we always love something with a backstory. Integrating art with the coordinates of your home or your favorite ocean destination is a great way to do this. Off the Square Design creates custom order pieces that are both nautical and nifty. If you want something more unexpected and have the ceiling height, this custom metal coordinates wall art by Trilogy Gifts would be a lovely addition to any space.

Personalized Wall Art
Custom Metal Sign

Classic art like these hand-painted seascapes are always a great piece to integrate in your nautical guest space – we love the options we’ve found at Etsy because they truly are one of a kind. Check out Ran Abstract Painting, USpaceArt, and Artful Ease for some inspiring options. As an extra touch, provide them with the paint color you’re using and ask to have it color matched into parts of the art!

Sea Canvas Oil Painting
Original Abstract Seascape Oil Painting On Canvas
Vintage Seascape Painting

Memorable mementos from the sea

Don’t be afraid to bring in mementos from your own seaside adventures, too! There are lots of ways to display them: on floating shelves, in hanging baskets, or atop vintage trays on the dresser and nightstands. Whether it’s shells, buoys, a compass, or something else entirely, these ocean-themed objets d’art add a lot of texture and depth that people can resist interacting with or asking about. Check out this Printers Tray or some glass jewelry boxes at Completely Coastal for more inspiration!

Sea Green Vintage Printers Tray Seashell Collection
How to Decorate with Seashell Collections

Continue enhancing your vintage nautical theme with Woven Baskets by West Elm, extra blankets, a weathered globe, Fishing Floats by Nautical Place, or vintage maps (we love these Custom Maps by The Barbarian Ave!).

Glass Fishing Floats On Rope Fish Net Buoy Ball
Custom Map Wood Anniversary Gift
Woven Seagrass Baskets

Just Add Water

Finally, to activate all the senses, try out the Hatch Restore sound machine for those crashing waves, and tuck a ScentAir Diffuser discreetly in the corner to let its divine Ocean Scent permeate the room. Throw in a couple of fluffy robes and plush towels, and your guests will never want to disembark!

Remember, a nautical chic guest bedroom isn’t about following strict rules — embrace your own creativity and unique seaside style. With a little planning and design direction, you can navigate your guest bedroom into a calming oasis, giving your guests an experience to remember.



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