Trust Your Journey: 5 Creative Prompts for Sea Turtle Lovers

Saltsy affirmation graphic: Colorful Sea Turtle Art with "Trust your journey" affirmation, surrounded by blue sea plants, white shells, and dots on a turquoise background.

It’s sea turtle season in South Florida! For us locals, seeing the protected nesting grounds on our beaches really heralds the beginning of summer. Every year, the turtles make their way to the beach to lay their eggs, and then in the fall — August to October — the babies hatch and head back to the ocean. It’s such an amazing cycle of new beginnings and exciting journeys!

Inspiring wanderlust & creativity

There’s something about the sea turtle’s sense of wanderlust that calls to our inner coastal cowgirl… while we explore wide-open spaces, turtles undertake long migrations across the oceans, traveling thousands of miles to reach their nesting grounds. This perseverance and adventurous nature are definitely what that Saltsy Spirit is all about.

Because sea turtles are on our minds and beaches right now, we thought we’d share some turtle creativity to help you kick off your own summer. In this post, we’ll explore five empowering prompts specifically curated for sea turtle lovers. Whether you’re a creator, writer, or thinker — or a mix of all three! — these ideas are here to help you uplift your Saltsy Spirit and tap into your coastal creativity. Get ready to discover the beauty that lies within trusting your own amazing journey… like our spectacular sea turtles!

Enjoy these 5 creative prompts for sea turtle lovers:

  1. Take a walk near a body of water or spend time observing sea turtles online or at an aquarium. Observe their movements, their grace, and their unwavering trust in the ocean’s currents. Reflect on how their comfort in the here-and-now relates to your own life’s journey.
  2. Settle somewhere quiet with a cup of coffee or tea — maybe in a colorful sea turtle mug — and imagine you are a sea turtle swimming through the vast ocean. What obstacles or uncertainties do you encounter along the way? How can you remind yourself to trust your judgement in the face of these challenges?
  3. Create a colorful and inspiring sea turtle-themed coloring page, collage, or artwork. This could include images, quotes, or symbols that represent you and inspire you to live in the moment. Feel free to use our Sea Turtle Color Palette below!
  4. Take a minute to connect with your inner sea turtle. Close your eyes, visualize yourself as a sea turtle in the ocean, and feel the calmness and confidence that comes with complete acceptance of who and where you are. Describe this experience in your journal.
  5. Write a letter to your future self, reminding them to trust their journey no matter what obstacles or detours come their way. Offer words of encouragement and wisdom based on the sea turtle’s resilience and determination.
Saltsy sea turtle color palette showing photo of sea turtle and a selection of coordinating colors and hex codes

Are you feeling a little more in touch with your Saltsy Spirit?! We hope so. Life is a wild ride, and it’s much more fun with a little color and creativity — and some sea turtle love!

We hope these 5 creative prompts for sea turtle lovers guide you to trust your journey as you navigate your own life’s currents… and if you find yourself in South Florida, keep an eye out for those amazing turtle mamas and nests!

Our favorite Saltsy sea turtle designs

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