3 Stylish Ways to Use the Saltsy Acrylic Tray

Who doesn’t love a well-styled tray? They’re as pretty as they are useful, and they tend to make even the most cluttered areas feel more polished. And as this popular designer says, they really just add a dash of personality to your decor:

I use decorative trays for entertaining to carry out appetizers, signature cocktails, or other party essentials….I also love to use them on coffee tables or atop dressers, displaying my favorite current reads, an Anthropologie candle and a cute plant. They allow opportunities to show off your personality and who doesn’t want that for their home??

Coco of Cococozy

Best Sellers for a Reason

It’s no surprise that we all want that personal ambiance in our homes! Because we have such an admiration for this ubiquitous decorating tool, Saltsy created our own line of acrylic trays, including this Saltsy Hour style. Our rectangular tray is made from a sturdy, crystal-clear acrylic and features laser-cut handles.

We’re a bit obsessed with this material because it’s perfect for every space from the living room and office, to more “splash prone” areas, like a covered patio, kitchen counter, or bathroom. Not to mention it’s a great way to show off decorative items in a cohesive, modern way.

Trays are easily one of the most versatile and functional decor items. With a tray, a space tends to feel collected and polished instead of randomly scattered clutter. Plus, they give you the opportunity to create dimension and create vignettes by layering various accessories.

Studio McGee

How We’re Using Our Decorative Tray

Check out three of our favorite ways to use this large tray in our own home:

1. To style a coffee table or ottoman

acrylic tray on ottoman with blue and white decor

Not only does it center the space and create a lovely palette for decorative items like candles and books, the handles also make it very easy to move when you’re ready to put up your feet or play a rousing game of Scrabble. (If you’re looking for more ideas on using a tray to decorate your coffee table, check out our post on How to Style a Coastal Coffee Table!)

2. To serve brunch and happy hour on the patio

acrylic tray holding brunch items sitting on an outdoor patio

Decorative serving trays really just up the fanciness factor of any meal, plus they look fabulous perched on patio or kitchen tables during a meal. This situation is also where the acrylic material really shines over a wood serving tray, as any spills or splashes are quick to clean up. We love carrying a tray of our favorite alcoholic beverages out for happy hour — and then neatly carting the empty glasses back inside for a quick cleanup! Same with brunch… have you ever seen a more appetizing way to present your Crab Egg Benedict to your guests?!

3. To organize our office space

acrylic tray in a home office tidily holding supplies, sitting between a printer and turquoise vase

Anyone else need a tidier way to catch all those small items — mail, homework, lists — that flood into your home office? Our tray is a catch-all for pens, paper, and our reading glasses, and despite all of the messy materials it holds, it somehow always looks organized… which is a welcome perk for those impromptu Zoom meetings!

Of course these aren’t the only spaces where a Saltsy tray comes in handy! From the bedroom dresser to side tables to console tables, these decorative acrylic trays are a fabulous addition to any home or style.

Need an acrylic tray for yourself or someone else on your holiday list this season? Check out the Saltsy styles here:

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