Calling All Ocean Adventurers

We’re looking for fellow ocean adventurers who are interested in sharing their expert insights and passions with other sea-loving women.

Saltsy is a community just for women who have “seafoam in their veins” — women who share both a sense of adventure and wonder with all things above and below the waves.
We’d love your help in building this new community!
We’re looking for “sea stars” who can encourage women to learn more about and participate in the adventurous ocean lifestyle. Whether your expertise is in sportfishing, spearfishing, freediving, kitesurfing, underwater photography, or something else uniquely ocean-y and fabulous (like making a mean fish dish or unbeatable tropical cocktail!), we’d love to hear from you!


Would you be interested in being featured on our blog?
Do you have any additional skillsets that you'd be willing to share with the Saltsy community?


Aside from informational and inspirational blog posts, what other forms of content would you like to see Saltsy produce?



Thank you for taking the time to share with us!
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