Hurricane Ian Relief: 2 Ways to Offer Direct Help to SWFL 

As a fellow Floridian who is currently 2,000 miles away from the southwest Florida beach I call my “happy place,” my heart is with those who have lost so much and are facing the realities of the devastation that Hurricane Ian left in its path. 

Over the past few days, I’ve been brought to tears watching the incredible efforts being undertaken by friends, first responders, and volunteers and along with many of you I’ve been wondering, “how can I help?”  We have two opportunities to do just that: One for immediate relief and the other to support long-term cleanup.

Feet on the Street

Our dear friend and fishing Captain @capt.eric.white of Liquid Lifestyle Charters is using his fishing boat to deliver much-needed donations and disaster relief to places rendered impossible to get to by car.  After posting a donation drive on Instagram with @compoundboardshop this past weekend, the response has been amazing. Donations continue to roll in and numerous “boat-fulls” have been making their way to those in need. (More on how you can donate below!)  

The situation is still treacherous. There are those who have gone without eating because they are so focused on making sure others are OK, and those who are going without basic supplies simply because there is no food, water, or power to be had, as many grocery stores and gas stations remain closed. It’s the incredible “feet on the street” like Captain Eric and other neighbors and volunteers who are making their way to and through the floodwaters to help.  

Let’s Help the Florida Communities Impacted by Ian

Although you may not know Saltsy yet — we officially launched just four days prior to Hurricane Ian making landfall in Florida — it was founded with a mission to share the joy of the ocean, its opportunities for adventure, and endless inspiration with others.  

In large part, Saltsy was inspired by the adventures our family has enjoyed with Captain Eric. Here’s our daughter Erika reeling in an African Pompano:

We Have 2 Ways to Offer Direct Help…

Because there is an immediate need for supplies, we are collecting monetary donations that will be given directly to Captain Eric to purchase and deliver necessary supplies. Donations will be accepted through 10/10/22. You can donate directly through our form at the bottom of this page.

We also know hurricane clean-up will be a long-term situation for Southwest Florida.

In an effort to join those making a difference, our Saltsy team has created several Florida Strong designs to help my fellow Floridians clean up and rebuild — because their “forever paradise” is a treasure for us all. We currently have designs featuring the cities most impacted by Hurricane Ian, as well as designs featuring the African Pompano, a local game fish found off the coast of southwest Florida.  Like Floridians, they’re beautiful AND they are great fighters!  

You can wear your support with one of our shirts or hoodies, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, or burn a candle as you think about your happy place in Florida…

When you purchase a Florida Strong product through Saltsy, proceeds will be donated to through the end of the year.  

This non-profit organization is a great local resource for anyone interested in making a direct financial contribution, finding volunteer opportunities (like debris removal, meal prep, and long-term support) and identifying recovery assistance resources. Through VolunteerFlorida, Saltsy’s proceeds will be donated to the Florida Disaster Fund:

“The Florida Disaster Fund is the State of Florida’s official private fund established to assist Florida’s communities as they respond to and recover during times of emergency or disaster. In partnership with the public sector, private sector and other non-governmental organizations, the Florida Disaster Fund supports response and recovery activities.


Thanks for joining us in supporting the wonderful people and restoring the beautiful “happy places” in southwest Florida. Together we can bring a little sunshine back to the Sunshine State! 

Kim & the Saltsy Team

Do you have any other efforts for Hurricane Ian support you’d like to share? We invite you to share in the comments, or email us at

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